Was Jesus Christ a boxing fan?

April 22nd, 2020

 Was Jesus Christ a boxing fan? 

Jesus of Nazareth walked the Earth at the same time, in the same general region, as the greatest boxer of that era, Demokrates, who won the Olympia (now known as the Olympics) three times and was one of the most-famous men alive.

Did Demokrates know about Jesus? Not likely. Is it possible that Jesus knew about Demokrates? There's little doubt.

Our extraordinary boxing historian, Christopher James Shelton, shares some astonishing information about what boxing was like in the First Century, AD, the fighter who was the Muhammad Ali of his time, and other remarkable facts that he's uncovered through dedicated research. (Is boxing mentioned in the bible? Yep.)

Enjoy this incredible interview with Chris Shelton on a very special edition of The Ringside Boxing Show.


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