The Truth and Tommy Morrison

September 13th, 2015

Tommy "The Duke" Morrison lost the final years of his boxing career to a diagnosis by the Nevada State Boxing Commission that he was HIV-positive, a result that not only made him poison to promoters, but also rendered him persona non grata in his tiny, ultra-conservative hometown of Jay, Oklahoma.

When he died in September of 2013, speculation that AIDS was the cause was widespread -- a perception that still exists today -- but Morrison's widow, Trisha Harding-Morrison, has been fighting for two years to prove it's all bogus.

She joined us Sept. 13, 2015, on The Ringside Boxing Show to discuss compelling evidence that the Nevada commission blew the original diagnosis, and has since conspired to cover up the mistake.

Harding-Morrison spoke to us on the eve of a court date in Las Vegas, where, acting as her own lawyer, she planned to take on a battery of high-powered attorneys representing the Nevada State Boxing Commission, it's well-known physician, Dr. Margaret Goodman, and the man who signed off on her husband's HIV diagnosis on behalf of Quest Laboratories, Dr. John Hiatt, whom, she says, doesn't hold a medical license at all.

This interview might be the tip of an iceberg that turns out to be a blockbuster scandal, uncovered by the dogged determination of a widow who made a deathbed promise to her famous husband.

Our conversation with Trisha Harding-Morrison is preceded by an interview with Garcia Boxing trainer Max Garcia, who has a hot, young, undefeated fighter -- Manuel "Tino" Avila -- in his stable. 

We also tap into the expert analysis of Rizwaan Zahid and John J. Raspanti, who were in attendance for weekend events in Toronto (where Adonis Stevenson and Errol Spence were victorious) and Las Vegas (where Floyd Mayweather won what purportedly will be the final fight of his unbeaten career.)

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