The epic fall and resurrection of ex-champ Donny Lalonde

October 17th, 2019

The epic fall and resurrection of ex-champ Donny Lalonde

Former WBC light heavyweight champion Donny Lalonde parlayed his ninth-grade education (he left home at 15) into brilliant real-estate acquisitions that made him the owner of five houses at age 23, and $6.4 million in personal holdings by 2003. 

And then it all went haywire, through little or no fault of his own, when he unwittingly became tangled in a maddening quagmire of international finance that became known as The Panama Papers scandal.

Lalonde joins us on this week's Ringside Boxing Show to unwrap the 16-year (and ongoing) nightmare that drove him into bankruptcy, put his life at risk, and gave him dark fantasies of sprinting between the headlights of oncoming semi trucks while he was jogging.

Canada's "Golden Boy" has much of the debacle sorted out today, and eagerly tells the story of how his good name was besmirched in a quagmire that will be the subject of a forthcoming major motion picture.

This is the Donny Lalonde interview only. The full version of The Ringside Boxing Show can be heard every Sunday at this link: 



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