Steve Cunningham: Headed home to cruiserweight

February 1st, 2016

Steve Cunningham says he's finished with his heavyweight experiment after three years and eight fights, and is refocused on winning his third world title at cruiserweight.

The former IBF king never weighed more than 210 pounds for a fight -- and had to drink a gallon of milk before the Tyson Fury weigh-in to get that heavy -- and feels his boxing artistry went unappreciated against the likes of Tomasz Adamek (split-decision loss), Vyacheslav Glazkov (unanimous-decision loss), and Antonio Tarver (split draw, after which "The Magic Man" tested dirty.)

Cunningham also discusses the emotions he felt while climbing back to his feet after the second knockdown against Amir Mansour after staring into the eyes of his wife and ailing daughter at ringside.

This candid and revealing interview is preceded by a review of the Pascal-Kovalev rematch, among other topics, by expert analysts Travis Hartman, John J. Raspanti, and Rizwaan Zahid, who was ringside in Montreal for the fight.

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