Lew Jenkins: Drunk, undedicated, and devastating

March 17th, 2019

International Boxing Hall of Famer Lew Jenkins often trained and fought drunk (sometimes going from the bar to the arena), smoked 30 Camel cigarettes a day, faced a Who's Who of all-time greats, won the world lightweight title (with whiskey in his water bottle), and held it for nearly two years -- until he lost it while fighting with a broken neck from a motorcycle accident. He also was a formidable womanizer.

Then came the really amazing part of his life: Jenkins also fought in some of the bloodiest battles of World War II and the Korean War, winning a Silver Star for valor.

This week's Ringside Boxing Show features an in-depth interview with boxing historian Gene Pantalone, author of "From Boxing Ring to Battlefield: The Life of War Hero Lew Jenkins," who's life and career were so amazing that legendary producer John Huston believed it would have to be toned down before it could be believed by a Hollywood audience.
This is our complete interview with Gene Pantalone about this remarkable American boxer and war hero.
To hear the full show, visit https://thegruelingtruth.net.
Dennis Taylor is host of The Ringside Boxing Show and co-author (with John J. Raspanti) of "Intimate Warfare: The True Story of the Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward Boxing Trilogy," an Amazon bestseller.
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