In depth: Angel Manfredy

October 22nd, 2012

 Angel Manfredy fought in a dozen world championship belts during an 11-year career, knocking out the likes of Jorge Paez and Arturo Gatti, beating Wilson Rodriguez, Ivan Robinson andJulio Diaz, losing close decisions to Stevie Johnston and Paul Spadafora.

 But he lived as wrecklessly as he fought, delving heavily into alcohol, cocaine and loose women, a near-lethal cocktail for the boxer who called himself 'El Diablo."

 Manfredy spoke candidly about his life on the Oct. 21, 2012 edition of The Ringside Boxing Show, during which he took us on a tour from his early life as a streetfighter to the fateful night when a cocaine binge nearly caused him to blow his own head off in his bedroom.

  Don't miss this riveting interview with one of the most compelling personalities of his time.

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In Depth: Angel Manfredy

January 5th, 2014

 One of the grittiest and most-colorful fighters of his era, Angel Manfredy beat Arturo Gatti, Ivan Robinson, Jorge Paez, Julio Diaz and 39 others during an 11-year career that included multiple world title fights.
  How good could Manfredy have been if he hadn't spent his best years in a cocaine haze?
  Manfredy joined us on our first show of 2014 to talk candidly about the wild ride that was his life and career -- a journey that nearly ended with a suicide attempt.
  Don't miss this candid,  riveting conversation with "El Diablo," a born-again Christian who is hoping to find a gig as a boxing trainer.

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