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Broke, but not broken, three-time champ Bobby Czyz (still brilliant) explains why he's still standing

Few people have survived the kind of roller-coaster ride that has been the life of Bobby Czyz: Two serious automobile accidents (one kept him off a plane that crashed, killing all of his Team USA amateur teammates; the other put him in a hospital for seven weeks, a coma for 28 days), his father’s suicide, his riches-to-rags tumble after he was fired as Showtime’s ringside analyst, and multiple other potentially debilitating incidents.

Czyz, a member of MENSA (recognition that his IQ tests among the top 2% in the world), joins us on this week’s Ringside Boxing Show to explain how he endured the many valleys in his life — the latest of which had him working a $250-a-week job at a New Jersey grocery store. He also hints that he may soon be analyzing fights again at ringside for a major TV network. Czyz also explains why he’s an atheist.

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