Bare-knuckle: A History

December 7th, 2014

The inimitable Christopher James Shelton joined us Dec. 7, 2014 to separate truth from mythology in the history of the bare-knuckle boxing world, circa 1770s, and into the early 20th century.

The world's most-meticulous boxing historian regales us wtih talkes about the rules, the characters,the brutality, and its butterfly effects .... including the likely reason today's boxers don't have long hair..

The Christopher Shelton interview is preceded by a postmortem by expert analysts Travis Hartman and John J. Raspanti of Saturday's fights (Lemieux-Rosado Pascal-Bolonti).

They also provide a psychoanalysis of the ever-weird occurrences on Planet Mayweather, reflections on Hall of Fame inductees Boom Boom, Big Daddy and The Prince, and whether Rios-Alvarado III figures to be as appetizing as I and II.

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