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 Steve Vukosa was a rising heavyweight in 2002 -- 8-0, training with Freddie Roach, and just 25 years old -- when he blew out his knee so badly that he was forced to retire. A dozen years later, Vukosa is married, with two kids, and driving a bus all night for the City of Boston.

 The former Golden Gloves champ known as "The Gentle Giant" came out of retirement two weeks ago, stepping into the ring for the first time in 12 years against Jason "Big Six" Estrada, an ex-Olympian and fringe contender who was still regarded by many as the top heavyweight on the Eastern Seaboard.

 Funny ending to this story ... Vukosa won. He beat Estrada by majority decision the main event of a boxing card promoted by Big Six Promotions (essentially composed of Estrada and his dad).

 The freshly crowned heavyweight champion joined us on our Aug. 10, 2014 show to talk about his 12-year hiatus from the ring, the shocking upset, and how long he expects to sleep on the sofa at home. (His wife is still pretty mad at him for fighting Estrada in the first place.)

 The Steve Vukosa interview is preceded by Travis Hartman and John J. Raspanti, who weigh in on the Danny Garcia-Rod Salka mismatch, what a Garcia-Peterson collision might look like, Al Haymon's ever-increasing grip on the sport and more.

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