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 He won a silver medal in the Olympics at 17, he became England's youngest-ever world champion at 22, and now, four years later, Amir Khan hopes to climb back onto the short list of title contenders with an April 27 victory over two-time ex-champ Julio Diaz. Khan opened up on our March 31, 2013 show about his life and career. Our expert analyst, Rizwaan Zahid, joined in for this interview.

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The two-time IBF lightweight champ rocked the house Sunday with an interview that was equal parts poignant, revealing, and hilarious. Topics of conversation included his April 27 fight with Amir Khan, his odds of getting a fair shake in England, life as a pint-sized troublemaker, and "walking around on tipeetoes" when people started calling him "champ." One of the very best guests we've ever had on The Ringside Boxing Show.

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