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Dennis Taylor (host), Travis Hartman, Rizwaan Zahid and John J. Raspanti (expert analysts), and Christopher James Shelton (boxing historian).

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Fidel La Barba was an Olympic gold medalist, a world champion boxer, a Hollywood screenwriter who wrote movies for Shirley Temple, Randolph Scott, Betty Grable and Victor Mature, and a Stanford University graduate who enjoyed a 10-year career as a sports writer after his boxing days were over.

He was also a father to John La Barba, who joined us Oct. 23 to tell stories about his legendary dad. Don't miss this sensational conversation about a boxer who won his first world title two years before Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs.

Our interview with John La Barba is preceded by John J. Raspanti's chat with Chicago-based super middleweight Mike "Hollywood" Jimenez (20-1-1, 14 KOs), as well as expert analysis by Raspanti and Rizwaan Zahid about David Lemieux's future, Oscar De La Hoya's revelation that he knew he was in for a beating the night he faced Manny Pacquiao, a breakdown of the Donaire-Magdaleno fight and the Frampton-Santa Cruz rematch, and more.

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In this year's Christmas edition of The Ringside Boxing Show, we talk about the weirdest stories of the year in boxing, including the well-known British boxing promoter who disappeared out boxing's back door as a man, then returned through the front door as a woman ... 'Sugar' Shane Mosley's best Christmas ever ... the boxer who was world-ranked by the WBA after he was dead ... the fighter who made Page 1 of the Philadelphia Daily News after he was recognized in a gay porn movie ... Holly Holm's huge fopah at a big Hollywood party ... how Roy Jones Jr. became "an enemy of the State" in the Ukraine ... Evander Holyfield's fistfight with Mitt Romney ... the ridiculous antics of Tyson Fury and Adrien Broner, Ronda Rousey's feud with Floyd Mayweather Jr., and much more.

Then we'll be joined by our extraordinairy boxing historian, Christopher James Shelton, who regales us with amazing Christmas tales from boxing's yesteryear.

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The last big bare-knuckle fight in boxing history was held illegally between undefeated John L. Sullivan and Jake Kilrain at a secret location in a little Mississippi town. Sullivan threw up in the ring in the 44th round, but won the fight. Both Sullivan and Kilrain fled the authorities afterward. Sullivan fought five police officers who tried to arrest him on a train in Memphis, stood trial in a small-town courtroom that had just one chair -- a barber's chair.

Boxing historian Christopher James Shelton told this colorful and true story in vivid detail on the Aug. 5, 2012 edition of The Ringside Boxing Show. If you like boxing, and enjoy history, this is a show you don't want to miss. Enjoy!

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