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'No chance it goes 12!' and other forecasts

from Teofimo Lopez about the Commey fight

We talk in-depth on this week's show with one of the P4P personalities in the sport, Teofimo Lopez Jr., who puts his perfect record on the line Dec. 14 at Madison Square Garden when he challenges fellow knockout artist Richard Commey for the IBF’s 135-pound world title belt.

Teofimo, a human fireworks show in and out of the ring, delivers another scintillating interview to The Ringside Boxing Show. Enjoy!

NOTE: This is the Teofimo Lopez interview only. To listen to the entire Ringside Boxing Show, visit this link: https://thegruelingtruth.com/?s=ringside+boxing+show


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Mancini vs. Kim: Re-visiting a classic and tragic war

Before he left South Korea to challenge Ray Mancini for the world lightweight title, Duk-Koo Kim promised his pregnant fiance that one of them would die in the fight. He punctuated that prediction with two additional symbols of his intent — a coffin he kept next to the ring during training camp, and a lampshade he brought with him to Las Vegas embossed with an ominous message written in Korean.

What happened in the ring at Caesars Palace 37 years ago changed the lives of both fighters, Kim’s mother, and referee Richard Green.

The story of the infamous and tragic Kim-Mancini fight is one of multiple stories told by Dr. Jonathan Gelber in a sensational new sports book, entitled “Tiger Woods’ Back and Tommy John’s Elbow: Injuries and Tragedies that Transformed Careers, Sports, and Society.”

Dr. Gelber, a sports medicine doctor and orthopedic surgeon, joins us this week for an in-depth preview of his book, which also delves into Lyle Alzado’s belief that steroid use caused his malignant brain tumor, the deaths of college basketball superstars Len Bias and Hank Gathers, the fatal crashes of auto racing legends Ayrton Senna and Dale Earnhardt Sr., the NFL’s obsession with protecting its star quarterbacks, how Tiger Woods’ “perfect” swing destroyed his spine and diminished his career, the elbow surgery that saved Tommy John and countless baseball players who followed, and much more.

This is the interview with our featured guest. To listen to The Ringside Boxing Show in its entirety, visit this link: https://thegruelingtruth.com/?s=ringside+boxing+show

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The epic fall and resurrection of ex-champ Donny Lalonde

Former WBC light heavyweight champion Donny Lalonde parlayed his ninth-grade education (he left home at 15) into brilliant real-estate acquisitions that made him the owner of five houses at age 23, and $6.4 million in personal holdings by 2003. 

And then it all went haywire, through little or no fault of his own, when he unwittingly became tangled in a maddening quagmire of international finance that became known as The Panama Papers scandal.

Lalonde joins us on this week's Ringside Boxing Show to unwrap the 16-year (and ongoing) nightmare that drove him into bankruptcy, put his life at risk, and gave him dark fantasies of sprinting between the headlights of oncoming semi trucks while he was jogging.

Canada's "Golden Boy" has much of the debacle sorted out today, and eagerly tells the story of how his good name was besmirched in a quagmire that will be the subject of a forthcoming major motion picture.

This is the Donny Lalonde interview only. The full version of The Ringside Boxing Show can be heard every Sunday at this link: https://thegruelingtruth.com/?s=ringside+boxing+show 



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An interview for the ages with all-time great Carlos Palomino

Carlos Palomino's first amateur fight was against an inmate at Chino State Prison. He won the WBC welterweight championship from England's John H. Stracey in front of a sold-out crowd (with 10,000 more waiting outside) at the famed Olympic Auditorium in L.A. He fought one of the greatest fights in history against Armando Muniz, battled Jose Napoles, Hedgemon Lewis, Roberto Duran, Wilfredo Benitez. He was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame, the International Boxing Hall of Fame, the California Boxing Hall of Fame, and the West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame. He became an actor with roles on "Taxi," "The White Shadow," "Star Trek: Voyager" and some of the most-beloved beer commercials of all time.

We share a story-packed hour with this iconic superstar, who reminisces about his life and career, and also talks candidly about the modern-day boxing scene.

This is the Carlos Palomino interview only. To hear the complete version of any Ringside Boxing Show, visit this link: https://thegruelingtruth.com/?s=ringside+boxing+show 


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Bloody-good interview with Swedish heavyweight Otto Wallin, the 30-1 underdog who nearly brought down Tyson Fury

We go all the way to Sweden to interview Otto Wallin, the Swedish heavyweight who nearly defied 30-1 underdog status, almost upsetting Tyson Fury in Las Vegas on Sept. 14.
Wallin talks in-depth about his life and career, and also tells us what it's like to trade punches with the sport's undefeated, 6-foot 9-inch behemoth in the biggest fight of his life.
To hear the full version of The Ringside Boxing Show every week, visit this link: https://thegruelingtruth.com/?s=ringside+boxing+show

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Teofimo Lopez Sr., boxing's 5-alarm fire, ignites our podcast with a 45-minute boil over

Haters dissed Teofimo Lopez’s unanimous-decision victory over unbeaten Masayoshi Nakatani in July as a sluggish, unimpressive performance — a characterization that inflames his trainer/father, Teofimo Sr., into a full boil.

The volatile patriarch joins us on this week’s Ringside Boxing Show for an explosive conversation that unapologetically takes on Teofimo’s former nutritionist, sister, mother, Vasilly Lomachenko, Richard Commey, Bob Arum, ESPN analysts Timothy Bradley and Andre Ward, judges at the 2016 Olympics, and “90 percent of boxing fans who don’t know sh** about boxing.”

Lessons were learned against Nakatani, though, and Teofimo Sr. predicts the total obliteration of Commey, who defends his IBF lightweight title against Teo Jr. on Dec. 14 at Madison Square Garden.

And that, he says, will only be a preview of what the undefeated lightweight will do next year to the legend and legacy of Lomachenko, considered by many to be the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Get out your fire extinguishers, Ringside Nation — Teofimo Sr. is en fuego.

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A treat from our archives: Angelo Dundee gives the final in-depth interview of his illustrious life

We replay one of our all-time greatest interviews, an in-depth conversation from 2011 with legendary trainer Angelo Dundee, who tells amazing stories about Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Willie Pastrano, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Ray Arcel, ducking bullets during the Cuban Revolution, and much more.

Dundee died four months later. This may well have been the final in-depth interview of Angelo Dundee’s illustrious life, and we were proud to have been a part of it.

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Broke, but not broken, three-time champ Bobby Czyz (still brilliant) explains why he's still standing

Few people have survived the kind of roller-coaster ride that has been the life of Bobby Czyz: Two serious automobile accidents (one kept him off a plane that crashed, killing all of his Team USA amateur teammates; the other put him in a hospital for seven weeks, a coma for 28 days), his father’s suicide, his riches-to-rags tumble after he was fired as Showtime’s ringside analyst, and multiple other potentially debilitating incidents.

Czyz, a member of MENSA (recognition that his IQ tests among the top 2% in the world), joins us on this week’s Ringside Boxing Show to explain how he endured the many valleys in his life — the latest of which had him working a $250-a-week job at a New Jersey grocery store. He also hints that he may soon be analyzing fights again at ringside for a major TV network. Czyz also explains why he’s an atheist.

To listen to the full version of The Ringside Boxing Show every week, visit this link: https://thegruelingtruth.com/?s=ringside+boxing+show 

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In 1996, Tommy "The Duke" Morrison was one victory away from a showdown with Mike Tyson when a routine pre-fight blood test purportedly determined that he was infected with the HIV virus. The diagnosis effectively ended Morrison's career.

Twenty-three years later, Morrison's widow, Trisha, continues to wage a courtroom battle to prove the diagnosis was bogus from the beginning, most recently by filing a request in a Nevada courtroom to reopen a case that has gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Her argument to be reheard is that the defendants -- the Nevada State Athletic Commission (including Dr. Margaret Goodman and former director Marc Ratner) and Quest Laboratories) repeatedly lied and misrepresented facts in previous hearings.

Trisha Morrison returns to The Ringside Boxing Show to lay out the mountains of evidence she's gathered since her husband's 2013 death, including three subsequent tests that show that Tommy Morrison's blood was never tainted with the HIV virus.

This intriguing legal battle finally appears to be entering "the championship rounds," and Trisha is still throwing haymakers in her relentless effort to set the record straight on her late husband's legacy, which, she says, has been misrepresented by most of the mainstream media for more than two decades.

This is the Trisha Morrison interview only. To hear the full version of any Ringside Boxing Show, visit https://thegruelingtruth.com/?s=ringside+boxing+show .


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The scintillating history of Latino boxing in Southern California
(Featured guest: Author and boxing historian Gene Aguilera)
By Dennis Taylor
Author and boxing historian Gene Aguilera discusses his newest book, "Latino Boxing in Southern California," a colorful stroll through the world of Carlos Palomino, Carlos Zarate, Alfonso Zamora, Rubin Olivares, Bobby Chacon, Lupe Pintor, Art Aragon, Julio Cesar Chavez, Danny "Little Red" Lopez, Roberto Duran, and many; many others.
Aguilera also shares stories about the legendary Olympic Auditorium, the mob at ringside, the Main Street Gym, and the characters who shaped the boxing scene in the 1950s and '60s.
Don't miss this incredible hour-long interview with a Hall of Fame writer.
Dennis Taylor is host of The Ringside Boxing Show, editor/publisher of www.ringsideboxingshow.com, and co-author (with John J. Raspanti) of "Intimate Warfare: The True Story of the Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward Boxing Trilogy," an Amazon bestseller.

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