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Dr. Ferdie Pacheco, personal physician to Muhammad Ali, spins spectacular tails about his years with "The Greatest," from the day they met, to the Beatles' visit to Miami's storied Fifth Street Gym, to the high-voltage experience of being ringside for fights against Liston, Frazier, Foreman and others. Don't miss this candid and historic stroll down boxing's memory lane.

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Dennis Taylor (host), Travis Hartman, Rizwaan Zahid and John J. Raspanti (expert analysts), and Christopher James Shelton (boxing historian).

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Jace McTier grew up in the shadow of Augusta National, home of the Masters, but he's first love as a sports fan and as an artist has always been boxing.

He was just 16 years old when he was commissioned to create his first commercial painting, and since then his work has been displayed all over the world, including The International Boxing Hall of Fame and (currently) the "I Am The Greatest" Muhammad Ali exhibit at London's 02 Arena.

We spoke in-depth with McTier (with a special cameo appearance by George Foreman IV) on the July 17 edition of the Ringside Boxing Show, during which he shared sensational stories about the experiences his artwork has created for him in the world of boxing.

Our interview with Jace McTier -- which includes a surprise appearance from George Foreman IV -- is preceded by a passionate round-table dissection by expert analysts  Travis Hartman, Rizwaan Zahid and John J. Raspanti of the gutsy culture of professional boxing, including Deontay Wilder's choice to fight eight rounds with a torn biceps and a broken hand, Israel Vazquez's announcement that he'll have his damaged right eye surgically removed, and other recollections of gain-before-pain performances from boxing history.

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Believe it or not, prizefighting was a popular sport 3,000 years ago in the Middle East, and, in fact, Jesus Christ, himself, most likely was as familiar with the name of the most-famous boxer of his era as most of us are today with names like Pacquiao, Mayweather, even Ali.

This bit of boxing history could only have been recovered by Christopher James Shelton, the world's most-eclectic boxing historian.

Chris regaled us on the Aug. 24, 2014 show with colorful and amazing tales of what "The Sweet Science" looked like, way back to the days before the birth of Christ, including the aura and mythology that often surrounded the champions of the day. (Spoiler alert: One pugilist was believed to have transformed himself into a wolf for nine years ... another fought and defeated a "ghost.")

As always, Christopher Shelton is on fire during this remarkable 30-minute conversation.

Our interview with Chris is preceded by the insight of our expert analysts, Rizwaan Zahid and John J. Raspanti, who evaluate the impact of Austin Trout's victory, Mike Jones' stunning loss, 50 Cent's relentless taunting of Floyd Mayweather, JayZ's surprising kneecapping of Golden Boy and Top Rank in a recent purse bid, and more.

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 Richard Hoffer cut his teeth on boxing as a young writer for the Los Angeles Times, where he chronicled the astonishing era of Little Red Lopez, Bobby Chacon, Carlos Palomino, Art Aragon and others.
  That led to the gig to which al sportswriters aspire -- Sports Illustrated -- where he's a senior writer on the staff.

  Hoffer was the featured guest on our July 27, 2014 Ringside Boxing Show to talk about his newest book, "Bouts of Mania: Ali, Frazier, Foreman and an America on the Ropes."

  Setting the stage for Hoffer is a lively postmortem of Golovkin's sensational KO of Geale, along with Jennings' narrow conquest of Perez, and the controversial point deduction that made the difference.

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He was born and reared in East LA, where you could watch a fistfight on any corner, any day of the week, for free. That dependable occurrence was conducive to the evolution of hardcore boxing fans like himself.

 Author, historian, and legendary memorabilia collector Gene Aguilera joined us on the May 25, 2014 edition of The Ringside Boxing Show to discuss his new book, "Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles," and spin colorful yarns about Art Aragon, Carlos Palomino, Mando Ramos, Ruben Olivares, "Schoolboy" Bobby Chacon and others who made the LA boxing scene legendary.

Don't miss this fascinating conversation about a unique chapter in boxing history.

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 Does Kovalev have any chinks in his armor? Did Agnew impress? Is it money or fear that's keeping Adonis from fighting Kovalev? Who wins Alvarado-Marquez?   Those are only a few of the question we put to Travis Hartman and Rizwaan Zahid on today's Ringside Boxing Show, and some of their opinions might surprise you.

 This is the first half of the March 30, 2014 edition of The Ringside Boxing Show, featuring John J. Raspanti's review of Steve Compton's newest book, "Live Fast, Die Young: The Life and Times of Harry Greb," followed by an in-depth interview with Deontay Wilder after the commercial break.

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Christopher Klein's colorful look at the man and the myth who was "The Boston Strong Boy" is terrific in print, and just as much fun when the author discusses it on a live radio show.

The author of "Strong Boy: The Life and Times of John L. Sullivan, America's First Sports Hero," joined us from Beantown on March 16, 2014 to share some tales about John L, and talk about researching and writing the book.

. An excellent interview on The Ringside Boxing Show.

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 Sports Illustrated featured the broad, toothless grin of Leon Spinks on its cover after the Olympic gold medal-winner won the world heavyweight championship from Muhammad Ali in his eighth pro fight. Leon and younger brother Michael -- also an Olympic champ, and the best light heavyweight of his era -- emerged from the meanest projects in St. Louis to become millionaires.

 Spinks biographer John Florio ("One Punch From The Promised Land") regaled us with spectacular tales of "Neon" Leon's wild nights and gym allergies, and Michael's dedication to the gym and reluctance to fight. He also told harrowing stories about the violence-torn ghetto the boys called home.

 This interview from the Nov. 3, 2013 edition of The Ringside Boxing Show is sensational, and Florio's book (co-authored by Ouisi Shapiro) is even better.

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John J. Raspanti, lead writer for doghouseboxing.com, joined co-hosts Dennis Taylor and "Irish" Joe O'Rourke for the entire hour of this show.

In this segment, Raspanti reviews all of the action from the previous night's fights in Los Angeles (where he sat ringside), Las Vegas, and Hamburg, Germany, including analysis of Wladimir Klitschko's place in heavyweight history, whether Abner Mares has earned a spot on boxing's Pound4Pound list, Nathan Cleverly's U.S. debut, the upcoming Berto-Guerrero megafight, and much more.

Scroll down to hear Part II of this same show.

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