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Broke, but not broken, three-time champ Bobby Czyz (still brilliant) explains why he's still standing

Few people have survived the kind of roller-coaster ride that has been the life of Bobby Czyz: Two serious automobile accidents (one kept him off a plane that crashed, killing all of his Team USA amateur teammates; the other put him in a hospital for seven weeks, a coma for 28 days), his father’s suicide, his riches-to-rags tumble after he was fired as Showtime’s ringside analyst, and multiple other potentially debilitating incidents.

Czyz, a member of MENSA (recognition that his IQ tests among the top 2% in the world), joins us on this week’s Ringside Boxing Show to explain how he endured the many valleys in his life — the latest of which had him working a $250-a-week job at a New Jersey grocery store. He also hints that he may soon be analyzing fights again at ringside for a major TV network. Czyz also explains why he’s an atheist.

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 An amazing year of interviews on The Ringside Boxing Show was capped off on Dec. 18, 2011 by our year-ender show, featuring the best clips from our interviews of Vinny Paz, Irish Pat Lawlor, Angelo Dundee, Dicky Eklund, Harold Lederman, Chuck Wepner, Anthony Dirrell, Howard Davis Jr., and Bobby Czyz. Enjoy this colorful array of segments from a great year.

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Bobby Czyz won world championships in both the light heavyweight and cruiserweight divisions during a career in which he went 44-8, with 28 KOs. His second incarnation was a 10-year career as a boxing analyst for Showtime, where he worked alongside Steve Albert and Dr. Ferdie Pacheco. What many don't know is that Czyz has cheated death on multiple occasions, beginning in 1980 when a broken nose from a car wreck prevented him from boarding that killed all of his Team USA teammates when it crashed in Poland, and most recently in 2007, when another accident put him in a 28-day coma. Enjoy this astonishing conversation with one of the most colorful personalities in boxing history.

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