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The amazing tale of Elizabeth Wilkinson Stokes, first known pro female fighter, 1722-1728

By Dennis Taylor

She lived in the days of Johann Sebastian Bach, Benjamin Franklin, and Sir Isaac Newton. She may have stood six feet tall. She usually fought men -- both bare-knuckle and mixed martial arts -- and there's no indication that she ever lost.

Our inimitable boxing historian, Christopher James Shelton, joins us on The Ringside Boxing Show to tell the true story of Elizabeth Wilkinson Stokes, who fought professionally in England in an era when rules were sparse and the level of mayhem was high.

She claimed to be the wife of a notorious London murderer, Robert Wilkinson (executed in 1722), and became famous as a pugilist throughout England. She foughts solo and sometimes as a team with Robert Stokes, an MMA and fistfighter in his own right. 

Join us for this colorful and rarely told tale of one of the most interesting figures in the history of combat sports, told by the preeminent boxing historian of our generation.


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By Dennis Taylor
The Mayweather-McGregor circus exceeded its (low) expectations. Floyd became an aggressor for the first time in his career. McGregor survived into the 10th round. Pay-Per-View really did exceed Mayweather-Pacquiao (even if 5,000 seats were empty at T-Mobile Arena.
Our expert analysts, Travis Hartman, Rizwaan Zahid and John J. Raspanti unpack the positives and negatives of what somehow became the biggest event of the year in combat sports. They also talk about Gervonta Davis losing his world title on the scales, review Miguel Cotto's slugfest victory over Yoshihiro Kamegai, and breathe a sigh of relief that we can all look forward to Canelo-Golovkin.
That all sets the stage for British correspondent Paul McLaughlin, who updates us on the UK boxing scene, and our extraordinary boxing historian, Christopher James Shelton, who gives us an in-depth view at the life and legend of America's first boxing superstar, John L. Sullivan.
Dennis Taylor is host of The Ringside Boxing Show, editor/publisher of www.ringsideboxingshow.com, and co-author (with John J. Raspanti) of "Intimate Warfare: The True Story of the Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward Boxing Trilogy," currently on Amazon's Bestsellers list.


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Our extraordinary boxing historian, Christopher James Shelton, joined us this week to tell the tale of bare-fisted British boxer Tom Spring, whom Shelton considers 'the Mike Tyson of his day.' Check out this colorful interview and find out why.

 Our Christopher Shelton conversation is preceded by expert analysts Travis Hartman, Rizwaan Zahid, and John J. Raspanti, who unwrap Errol Spence's breakout performance against Kell Brook, and look forward to what might be in stor for both fighters and the talent-loaded welterweight division.


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The world's most-diligent boxing historian has researched boxers from ancient Greece, boxers who walked the earth at the same time as Christ, boxers who were refereed by famous Wild West gunslingers, a female slave/boxer, all the way up to modern-day fighters.

Now Christopher James Shelton has written a memoir about his life and, of course, boxing, rife with all of the aforementioned true stories.

We spoke at length with the author about "My Life Before Death: A Boxing HIstorian Memoir," a brand-new release available at Amazon.com. Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/Before-DEATH-boxing-historian-memoir-ebook/dp/B06WWRKNNY/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1489973598&sr=1-4&refinements=p_n_publication_date%3A1250227011

Our conversation with Chris Shelton is preceded by a thorough unpacking of the Golovkin-Jacobs and Chocolatito-Rungvisai fights by our expert analysts, Travis Hartman, Rizwaan Zahid and John J. Raspanti.


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Dennis Taylor (host), Travis Hartman, Rizwaan Zahid and John J. Raspanti (expert analysts), and Christopher James Shelton (boxing historian).

Email us at contact@ringsideboxingshow.com We want to hear from you.

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They've been fighting for years without gloves, without headgear, without judges, in warehouses, parking garages, basements ...wherever the cops aren't looking for them. Now the Bare Knuckle Fighting organization is progressing toward becoming mainstream as a fully sanctioned sport -- and they've already made inroads in three states.

Former world cruiserweight boxing champion Bobby Gunn, bare knuckle boxing's undefeated heavyweight king (73-0, 73 KOs), and Edward Simpson, a management consultant for the organization, joined us on Sunday's Ringside Boxing Show to discuss the ancient, noble art of fistfighting, and why it may soon be coming to an arena, and hopefully a cable TV network, near you.

Do not miss this sensational conversation about the next generation of sanction combat sports.

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The inimitable Christopher James Shelton joined us Dec. 7, 2014 to separate truth from mythology in the history of the bare-knuckle boxing world, circa 1770s, and into the early 20th century.

The world's most-meticulous boxing historian regales us wtih talkes about the rules, the characters,the brutality, and its butterfly effects .... including the likely reason today's boxers don't have long hair..

The Christopher Shelton interview is preceded by a postmortem by expert analysts Travis Hartman and John J. Raspanti of Saturday's fights (Lemieux-Rosado Pascal-Bolonti).

They also provide a psychoanalysis of the ever-weird occurrences on Planet Mayweather, reflections on Hall of Fame inductees Boom Boom, Big Daddy and The Prince, and whether Rios-Alvarado III figures to be as appetizing as I and II.

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 At a time when Napolean ruled Europe and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were serving their terms as the third and fourth presidents of the United States, tough men (and some women) fought each other without gloves. Enjoy our colorful interview with boxing historian Christopher James Shelton of www.ringsideboxingshow.com about the bare-knuckle era of boxing at the beginning of the 1800s.

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