SI’s Richard Hoffer, author of Ali/Frazier/Foreman book

July 27th, 2014

 Richard Hoffer cut his teeth on boxing as a young writer for the Los Angeles Times, where he chronicled the astonishing era of Little Red Lopez, Bobby Chacon, Carlos Palomino, Art Aragon and others.
  That led to the gig to which al sportswriters aspire -- Sports Illustrated -- where he's a senior writer on the staff.

  Hoffer was the featured guest on our July 27, 2014 Ringside Boxing Show to talk about his newest book, "Bouts of Mania: Ali, Frazier, Foreman and an America on the Ropes."

  Setting the stage for Hoffer is a lively postmortem of Golovkin's sensational KO of Geale, along with Jennings' narrow conquest of Perez, and the controversial point deduction that made the difference.

Paul Thorn: Singer, songwriter, Duran bloodier

July 20th, 2014

Before Paul Thorn became a well-known singer/songwriter, he was a professional fighter good enough to fight Roberto Duran in 1988, a nationally televised bout that ended after Round 6 when Thorn's lip got badly split.

The other half of that story is that Duran also was a bloody mess at the end, and he and Thorn rode to the hospital together in the same ambulance.

The Tupelo, Mississippi troubadour joined us July 20, 2014, to spin colorful yarns about his life as the son of a preacher and the nephew of a pimp (who became his trainer for a 16-3 boxing career) ... and we even got him to talk a little bit about his music.

This is a lively, humorous, dead-honest conversation guaranteed to make a Paul Thorn fan out of anybody who hears it.

In the first half of this lively show, expert analysts Travis Hartman, Rizwaan Zahid and John J. Raspanti were on fire with their thorough postmortem of Canelo-Lara, enlightening previews of Brook-Porter, Algieri-Pacquiao, and insight on Hopkins-Kovalev, Cotto-Canelo, Cotto-Golovkin, and other hot rumors.


Storytime with John J. Raspanti

July 6th, 2014

Expert analysts Travis Hartman and Rizwaan Zahid, the "Butch & Sundance" of Internet boxing, join John J. Raspanti (in studio) and Dennis Taylor for a quick-moving review of boxing's current events, including Gamboa-Crawford, Algieri's stunning upset of Provodnikov, Lara's smack talk and his chances of beating Canelo, and a whole bunch more.

Raspanti, the chief lead writer for and stays with us after the commercial break to share his personal tales about stalking Sly Stallone (he claims he wasn't "stalking") and other misdemeanors from his youth.

Co-host Dennis Taylor then shares his tale of "The Heavyweight Sandwich" -- the time he was squashed between Ernie Terrell and Ken Norton in a ringside seat as a 19-year-old rookie sportswriter at a Ron Lyle fight ... 44 years ago.

A fun and lively hour, and a bit of a detour from our usual routine.


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