In Depth: Amir Khan

March 31st, 2013

 He won a silver medal in the Olympics at 17, he became England's youngest-ever world champion at 22, and now, four years later, Amir Khan hopes to climb back onto the short list of title contenders with an April 27 victory over two-time ex-champ Julio Diaz. Khan opened up on our March 31, 2013 show about his life and career. Our expert analyst, Rizwaan Zahid, joined in for this interview.

In Depth: Boxing judge Julie Lederman

March 25th, 2013

She rarely consents to interviews, but boxing judge Julie Lederman gave us a full 30 minutes of her time on Sunday, March 24, 2013, to talk about her worldwide adventures as a world-class boxing judge, the techniques and philosophies of her profession, life with a certain "unnofficial ringside judge" who also happens to be her Hall of Fame father, and what it's like to leave a boxing arena with somebody else's blood spackling her blonde hair.

This is an honest, colorful and fascinating look into her life and career.

Ringside Boxing Show (3-17-13) Part I

March 19th, 2013

Our expert analysts, Travis Hartman and Rizwaan Zahid, join us to discuss the remarkable battle between Timothy Bradley and Ruslan Provodnikov. They analyze why Bradley hasn't yet been embraced as one of boxing's superstars, they weigh in on whether Freddie Roach has lost his mojo, they anticipate what should become an amazing smack-talk smackdown between Broner and Malignaggi, and they predict the over-under in rounds for Donaire-Rigondeaux.

Travis, an active professional boxer, also walks us through his loss the previous night -- a six-round unanimous decision to still-unbeaten Haskell Rhodes -- during which he fractured his hand and got hammered below the belt five times. And, by the way, he called us from a hospital bed.

This is the first half of our March 17, 2013 show, which, after the commercial break, features an absolutely sensational interview with two-time lightweight champ Julio Diaz. Don't miss that one.

Julio Diaz, center stage & on fire

March 17th, 2013

The two-time IBF lightweight champ rocked the house Sunday with an interview that was equal parts poignant, revealing, and hilarious. Topics of conversation included his April 27 fight with Amir Khan, his odds of getting a fair shake in England, life as a pint-sized troublemaker, and "walking around on tipeetoes" when people started calling him "champ." One of the very best guests we've ever had on The Ringside Boxing Show.

Ringside Boxing Show (3-10-13) Part I

March 11th, 2013

Our expert analysts, Travis Hartman and Rizwaan Zahid, wax philosophic about Bernard Hopkins' ascent to immortality as a 48-year-old world champion, and weigh-in on whether Instant Replay has a place in boxing.

We then talk to Max and Sam Garcia, the father-son trainers whose hot prospect, Preston Freeman, was murdered four days earlier in St. Louis.

This fascinating 30 minutes is the first half of our March 10, 2013 show featuring Ruslan Provodnikov and boxing writer John J. Raspanti of after the commercial break.

Ringside Boxing Show (3-10-13) Part II

March 11th, 2013

Through a translator, we had a short conversation with welterweight contender Ruslan Provodnikov just six days before his title fight with undefeated WBO champ Timothy Bradley.

Then we were joined by John J. Raspanti, lead writer for, who talked about his Plimpton-esque adventure as Joe Gumina's cornerman (Gumina won!) on Friday, then reviewed Clay Moyle's latest book about Billy Miske.

This is the second half of a lively, quick-moving show from March 10, 2013

Ringside Boxing Show, 3-3-13, Part I

March 4th, 2013

Our expert analysts, Travis Hartman and Rizwaan Zahid, break down the weekend fights, including Richard Abril's conquest of Sharif Bogere, Evgeny Gradovich's takedown of Billy Dib, and Gary Russell Jr.'s shutout victory.

They also evaluate the Nevada State Athletic Commissions $900,000 and 9-month nuking of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. for going one toke over the line.

This is the first half of our March 3, 2013 show featuring a riveting in-depth interview with freshly minted IBF super middleweight champ Ishe Smith after the commercial break.

In Depth: Ishe Smith

March 4th, 2013

 Five years ago, Ishe Smith's boxing career was in freefall, his marriage was dissolving, and overwhelming depression drove him to a moment when he held a loaded gun in his hand and contemplated suicide.

 "Sugar Shay" told us his atonishing story just eight days after beating Cornelius Bundrage to become the IBF light welterweight champion. This remarkable interview ranks among the best we've ever had on The Ringside Boxing Show.


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