Ringside Boxing Show, 10-29-12, Part I

October 29th, 2012

The Ringside Boxing Show's expert analysts, Travis Hartman & Rizwaan Zahid, discuss the untimely death of Emanuel Steward, and wax poetic about the Hall of Famer's place among the greatest trainers in the history of the sport. They also break down the weekend's HBO fights, including Carlos Abregu's upset victory over Thomas Dulorme.

This is the first half of our October 29, 2012 show featuring and in-depth interview with Dr. Ferdie Pacheco after the commercial break.

In depth: Dr. Ferdie Pacheco

October 29th, 2012

Ferdie Pacheco was the personal physician to 12 world champions, including "The Greatest," Muhammad Ali. The good doctor joined us on the Oct. 29, 2012, to tell stories about his wild ride with Ali, including the fights with Liston, Frazier, Foreman, Spinks and Quarry. Don't miss this colorful conversation with an 85-year-old icon of the sport.

Ringside Boxing Show, 10-21-12, Part One

October 22nd, 2012

The first half of our October 21 show featured a lively exchange of observations between our expert analysts, Travis Hartman and Rizwaan Zahid, who discussed the Barclays show, and all of the main fights.

They also break down the Andre Berto-Robert Guerrero clash.

This is a show that features a terrific, in-depth interview with the legendary Angel Manfredy after the commercial break.

In depth: Angel Manfredy

October 22nd, 2012

 Angel Manfredy fought in a dozen world championship belts during an 11-year career, knocking out the likes of Jorge Paez and Arturo Gatti, beating Wilson Rodriguez, Ivan Robinson andJulio Diaz, losing close decisions to Stevie Johnston and Paul Spadafora.

 But he lived as wrecklessly as he fought, delving heavily into alcohol, cocaine and loose women, a near-lethal cocktail for the boxer who called himself 'El Diablo."

 Manfredy spoke candidly about his life on the Oct. 21, 2012 edition of The Ringside Boxing Show, during which he took us on a tour from his early life as a streetfighter to the fateful night when a cocaine binge nearly caused him to blow his own head off in his bedroom.

  Don't miss this riveting interview with one of the most compelling personalities of his time.

Ringside Boxing Show, 10-14-12

October 15th, 2012

 Expert analysts Travis Hartman and Rizwaan Zahid comment on the Brandon Rios-Mike Alvarado firefight, and how it measured up to its own hype. They also discuss referee Pat Russell's decision to stop the fight, and Nonito Donaire's efforts to look good against a defense-first opponent bent on survival.

This is the first half of our Oct. 14, 2012 show, which features an in-depth interview with U.S. Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields after the commercial break.

In Depth: Olympic champ Claressa Shields

October 14th, 2012

Claressa Shields grew up fighting (and beating) boys on the mean streets of Flint, a habit that led her from the basketball court to the boxing gym. At 16, Shields interrupted her senior year in high school for a trip to London, where she became America's first-ever Olympic gold medalist in women's boxing.

On October 14 -- a day after she won the National PAL Championship -- we asked Shields how her life has changed since she made history.

This is a great interview with the new face of women's boxing in America.

Ringside Boxing Show, 10-7-12, Part I

October 8th, 2012

  Expert analysts Travis Hartman & Rizwaan Zahid enthusiastically disagree about whether Arturo Gatti belongs in the International Boxing Hall of Fame, lend perspective to boxing's most recent scandal (Lukas Konecny caught trying to sneak illegal gloves into his world title fight), Julio Cesar Chavez Jr's claim that he tested positive for marijuana from sipping a special tea, and whether Orlando Cruz has helped or hurt his marketability by revealing himself as the first-ever openly gay active boxer.

 Max Garcia then joins us to discuss his newest prospect, Preston Freeman, whom he regards as the most naturally talented fighter he's ever coached.

 This is the first half of our Oct. 7, 2012 show, which features a sensational interview with Boyd Melson in Part II.

In Depth: Boyd Melson

October 8th, 2012

 In June of 2002, 20-year-old West Point cadet Boyd Melson walked into a bar in White Plains, NY, where he spotted a young woman in a wheelchair and, purely to brighten a moment of her life, decided to ask her to "dance." Her friend blocked Melson's path, denying him access, but he persisted. When he knealt and looked into Christan Zaccagnino's eyes, the connection was instant: They were a romantic couple for the next six years and remain inseparable friends today.

But the story becomes much richer. Melson, a pro boxer with a 10-1 record, has donated every penny of his prize money to a quest to help Christan, and others like her, walk again through the scientific miracle of stem-cell research. Nowadays he commutes every work day to his full-time job -- 90 minutes in each direction -- at Johnson & Johnson, still somehow finding time for his boxing training.

 He and publicist Matt Yanofsky also have formed "Team Fight To Walk" (www.teamfighttowalk.com), a coalition of professional fighters that includes Steve Cunningham, Shawn Estrada, Demetrius Andrade and Deandre Latimore), all of whom have dedicated themselves to finding a cure for spinal-cord damage causing paralysis.

Melson joined us Sept. 7, 2012, to tell this riveting story of selfless philanthropy.


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