Hall of Famer Aaron Pryor

January 29th, 2012

 In the annals of boxing history, Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor ranks among the greatest 140-pound fighters ever, capturing his title from the legendary "Kid Pambele," Antonio Cervantes, then defending it 11 times, during which he KO'd Alexis Arguello twice.

 Pryor's personal story is even more compelling. He was addicted to crack, he was shot twice, he went to prison, and overcame all of that to straighten out his life and become an ordained deacon in his Baptist church.

 Enjoy this astonishing conversation with a legendary Hall of Fame boxer and remarkable personality.

Quarry biographer Blake Chavez

January 15th, 2012

Blake Chavez co-authored "Hard Luck: The Triumph and Tragedy of  'Irish' Jerry Quarry," the compelling biography of one of the most popular heavyweight fighters of all time.

 Quarry fought Ali, Frazier, Ron Lyle, Ken Norton, Floyd Patterson, Earnie Shavers and other legendary opponents in a renaissance era of heavyweight boxing. He never won a title, and despised the label of "The Great White Hope" that had been bestowed upon him.

 Quarry ultimately suffered and died from pugilistic dementia, a disease that also killed his younger brother, former light heavyweight contender Mike Quarry.

  Enjoy this in-depth interview with Chavez, who wrote the story of Quarry and his colorful family along with former LA Times sports writer Steve Springer.

Hall of Famer Tony DeMarco

January 8th, 2012

 Tony DeMarco won the welterweight championship of the world in 1955, beating Johnny Saxton by TKO in the 14th round of a fight whose brutality typified the career of the "Boston Bomber."

  His 14-year career included spectacular battles with Carmen Basilio, Virgil Aikens, Gaspar Ortega and Kid Gavilan, among others, during The Golden Age of Boxing.

 In his heyday, during one 18 month stretch, DeMarco fought 10 times against the toughest opposition in the division.

 Enjoy our in-depth conversation with a true legend, who was six days from his 80th birthday when appeared on The Ringside Boxing Show.


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