Interview: Chuck Wepner

September 25th, 2011

Chuck Wepner was a fringe contender who serendipitously was anointed to fight Muhammad Ali for the world heavyweight championship in 1975. He not only went 15 rounds with the champ, but knocked Ali down in the ninth round -- a performance that inspired Sylvester Stallone to write, direct and star in "Rocky."

Enjoy this candid, animated conversation with one of the most interesting boxers of his time, "The Bayonne Bleeder," Chuck Wepner.

Interview: Boxing historian Randy Roberts

September 19th, 2011

Where was this guy when you were in college? Randy Roberts teaches a course in boxing history at Purdue University -- yes, there's a waiting list -- and he also has authored biographies of Jack Dempsey, Jack Johnson and Joe Louis, as well as a book on the rape trial of Mike Tyson.

The professor made his second appearance on our show on Sept. 18, 2011, for an animated and colorful tour of The Sweet Science. Enjoy this fascinating interview.

Marciano biographer John Cameron

September 4th, 2011

First-time author John Cameron, who lives 3 hours from London, has authored a meticulously researched biography of Rocky Marciano, the only man ever to retire unbeaten as the world heavyweight champion. HIs first book is Volume One of Marciano's story, covering the future champ's life from birth to 1949 -- two years before he won his title. Volume Two of "Redemption: The Life and Death of Rocky Marciano" is expected to be finished in about a year.


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