Interview: Hall of Famer Sean O’Grady

August 28th, 2011

 Sean O'Grady turned pro at age 15, went 18-0, with 15 knockouts, and fought Hall of Famer Danny "Little Red" Lopez shortly after his 17th birthday. Along the road to an 81-5 record, O'Grady recorded an astounding 70 knockouts and won the WBA lightweight crown.

 He supplemented that career with 13 years as the color analyst on the USA Network's "Tuesday Night Fights," working alongside Al Albert.

 Enjoy this colorful, animated and very candid conversation with one of the legendary boxers of his era.

Interview: Jeff Fenech, Hall of Famer

August 15th, 2011

Jeff Fenech is the only man ever to win world titles in three different weight divisions while unbeaten (and a bogus draw against Azuma Nelson cost him a fourth). This legendary Australian earned a spot in the International Boxing Hall of Fame with a blood-and-guts still that was rivaled by few in the history of boxing.

Outside the ring, his life was colorful and checkered, to say the least, including a barroom brawl with a Lebanese gangster that subsequently caused him to be beaten and stabbed by four other gangsters. Less than a year later, his house was riddled with bullets from a drive-by shooting.

Enjoy this rare and sensational interview, live from Australia, from the Aug. 14, 2011 edition of The Ringside Boxing Show.

First female fighter, circa 1720

August 15th, 2011

Elizabeth Wilkinson Stokes was the first known female boxer and mixed martial arts fighter in history, circa 1720 -- years before the birth of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. She fought in the streets and theatres of England, most often against men, with fists and weapons such as swords and quarter-staffs. Enjoy this incredible interview with boxing historian Christopher James Shelton from the Aug. 7, 2011 edition of The Ringside Boxing Show.

Interview: Bobby Czyz, two-division champ

August 3rd, 2011

Bobby Czyz won world championships in both the light heavyweight and cruiserweight divisions during a career in which he went 44-8, with 28 KOs. His second incarnation was a 10-year career as a boxing analyst for Showtime, where he worked alongside Steve Albert and Dr. Ferdie Pacheco. What many don't know is that Czyz has cheated death on multiple occasions, beginning in 1980 when a broken nose from a car wreck prevented him from boarding that killed all of his Team USA teammates when it crashed in Poland, and most recently in 2007, when another accident put him in a 28-day coma. Enjoy this astonishing conversation with one of the most colorful personalities in boxing history.

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