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When he was a child, Frankie Duarte watched televised fights from The Olympic, then went to his bedroom to pretend he was a world-class boxer, fighting for a world title. As an adult, he did that twice, falling short both times, leaving him to wonder forever how good he might have been without drug and alcohol abuse.

The Southern California boxing legend battled heroin and booze through much of his career, which spanned 16 years and included 55 fights against the likes of Daniel Zaragoza, Alberto Davila, and Rolando Navarette.

The 62-year-old Duarte cleaned up his life after his career ended, and has spent his more-recent years teaching young people about boxing and life. He joined us on July 31 for a remarkable in-depth conversation bout his flirtation with greatness in the 1970s, and a Hall of Fame career that got away. We ran out of time long before Duarte ran out of interesting stories to tell.

Our interview with Frankie Duarte is preceded by John J. Raspanti's breakdown of Carl Frampton's sensational performance against Leo Santa Cruz, the return of Mikey Garcia, the longevity of Paulie Malignaggi, and the enigmatic and inexplicable "brain" of Adrien Broner.

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